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OU Vision Research

Dedicated to Excellence in Vision Research and Training the Next Generation of Vision Scientists

OU Vision is a consortium of researchers on the OUHSC campus dedicated to high quality research in vision and ophthalmology. Research laboratories of the faculty of OU Vision are located in the Departments of OphthalmologyMicrobiology / ImmunologyCell BiologyBiochemistry & Molecular BiologyPhysiologyPharmaceutical Sciences, and the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation.

The researchers of OU Vision are funded by the National Institutes of HealthNational Eye InstituteResearch to Prevent BlindnessAmerican Diabetes AssociationFoundation Fighting BlindnessDepartment of Defense, BrightFocus, the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology, the Presbyterian Health Foundation, and other local funding agencies. OU Vision has been awarded NEI P20 COBRE grants which kickstarted the research programs of several junior faculty, as well as P30 CORE grants which fund vision research equipment and personnel to assist our researchers in their work. Our researchers have a depth of expertise and technical knowledge in the fields of ocular immunology and infection, biochemistry and cell biology, molecular genetics, and novel, cutting-edge ocular therapeutics.

State-of-the-art research is being conducted on-site with the latest in ocular imaging, electrophysiology, and optokinetic equipment. Our equipment and facilities are staffed by experts in models of ocular diseases, ensuring that high-quality data is acquired from our research experiments.

Advanced equipment and facilities are used to analyze numerous disease models, including ocular infections and chronic inflammation, corneal dystrophies and wound healing, keratoconus, retinal degenerations, inherited retinal diseases, glaucoma, and diabetes. Collaborations between researchers in cell biology, pathology, cell biology, and microbiology and immunology have expanded research interests beyond that of individual research programs. Beyond the walls of the Department of Ophthalmology exists a wide array of shared resources on the OUHSC campus, including additional biomicroscopy, confocoal microscopy and histology cores, gene chip/microarray bioinformatics cores, genetics/sequencing facilities, and transgenic generation cores, to name just a few.

Please visit our Research Faculty pages to find out more about specific areas of research.